вторник, 9 августа 2011 г.

About me.

Don't know where to start... I love my life, because there are guitar and internets in it.
I can not imagine myself without it. Recently i moved to another city. Tryin' to stand do i like it or not. Rather yes, because i feel less control here. I can do whatewer i want. I've got a dog. It's name is Marly, just like in a movie with Jennifer Aniston.
It's not purebred at all, but it loves me. Sometimes Marly chews shoes and sneakers, if i forgot to hide it.
Few days ago Marly peed on my neighbours door, but i'm not too upset about it, because of their shouting and loud music at 4 AM.

It's cooler here, in new city, then in my hometown. In the last day my thoughts are only about my new job. I like it, but it's hard to get in the rhytm.
Few words about beaches: i love it. I already tired all my friends with talks about beaches.On weekends i was at seaside, but only for one day. It's extremely not enough for me :(
Okay. That's enough for today. Got few more things to do today, because tomorrow could never come, lol